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Wow! It's hard to believe that buzz boxx started way back in 1994 -- before this new fangled thing called the Internet took off and Snoop Dogg first showed us how cool it was to spell our name with a double "x." We began by collecting dating ideas from friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends 'cuz nobody’s love life is ever perfect. (Yes, "crowdsourcing" light years before the term even existed). Well, we packaged all of these cool date ideas into a tiny little coffee table book that totally kicked ass at retail and still sells online. We then hooked up with a national publisher to expand our distribution and discovered the hard way what it feels like to be a band that signs and gets ignored by a label (major bummer). Eventually we regained our freedom and expanded into more nifty gift products sold thru stores -- yeah, we were kinda like Hallmark but told by customers like Crate & Barrel and W Hotels we were a whole lot cooler. Well, the faces have all changed except for one, technology has caught up to the vision (yay!), lots of big lessons were learned, and seeking funding is finally an option. Stay tuned for this next chapter coming from a bunch of grown-up "misfits."

Welcome to buzz boxx!